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My name is Gabriella,

I have created an energy modality to help release negative emotions that are stored in the body.

I have been doing energy work since 2006.

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After trying this method on several of my friends, and their friends; they achieved great results.  So I decided to share my service to anyone wishing to release negative emotions.

Impact of Emotions

Emotions effect our lives everyday. The good ones help your body and spirit feel well and you are happy.

The bad ones effect you in many ways that are unhealthy. They can produce illness and mental distress throughout  your life.

There are several methods that can be addressed and aid in correcting the ill effects of negative emotions.

What about the negative emotions that are stored deep in your body that you are unaware of?

Well, that's where I come in. My name is Gabriella and I work with energy. I can help you locate the negative emotion that

is stored in your body and help you release it, liberating your body from it.

What is Emotional Liberation?

Emotional Liberation is about removing the negative energies that are stored within your body.

I will help you discover where this negativity is in your body with intuition and remove it with energy.

Our bodies carry energy.  Emotions have that energy and learning how to liberate the negative ones is what benefits you.

Here is how an emotional liberation session unfolds:

We would discuss over the phone, a specific person that you feel negativity towards or a specific internal feeling that you have, such as; anxiety, anger, or sadness that has been stored in your body.  With my help, we would locate the negative emotion in the body and release it. Even though the sessions are over the phone, the benefits are the same. It is all about energy, and since I am an energy practitioner there are no boundaries...


If we are working on an individual that you have negativity towards, I would ask you to  list every single negative emotion you feel towards this person. There are usually several areas in the body where a negative emotion is stored, so the process can take a bit of time.  With my help and guidance we will find each and every negative emotion that you have stored in your body and

I will help you liberate it, freeing your body.

This is what I call Emotional Liberation.


It was a very liberating and insightful experience.

Gabriella provides a nurturing and welcoming environment that is conducive for healing energy to flow; and also encourages the recipient to look within themselves and actively participate in their own healing process. Highly recommend.

John K

Gabriella recently helped me to release the anger and resentment I had stored in my body, related to a long-standing in-law problem. 

Under Gabriella's guidance, I removed those negative emotions, and filled the opened spaces with love and light. 

My heart is happy.  Many thanks to her!
Diane N

Gabriella is an amazing person with such a unique mix of talents and passions, and most of all I really like her style. She is so real and down to earth, yet clearly enlightened and has special talents that I have never seen before. 

Yesterday she performed, well I’m not sure how to label it, but let’s just say energy work on me. I shouldn’t be surprised that she came into my life at the absolute perfect moment, and specifically yesterday I was going through some very challenging times filled with overwhelming anxiety. She not only cleared all my anxiety, negative emotions, and stress but my actual neck and back muscles also physically became relaxed and I even felt more physically flexible. 

Today, the work we did yesterday was really put to the test because I had one of the biggest business meetings of my life and I literally had no anxiety. Not only did the work she did pay off but she also gave me tools that I get to keep forever in order to protect and heal myself if negative emotions creep back into my life. 

I feel so much more in control of my life, like I am in the driver’s seat, yet at the same time also feel so much more connected in a spiritual and energy level which also feels like I am protected, almost like having a protective blanket or shield. Another way to say it is I feel that I have increased my self healing capabilities. We know the body naturally self heals, but with Gabriella’s help and direction, she really helps unlock the body’s natural ability to heal. 

This topic of healing, feeling good, being healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually all are probably the most important topics of anyone’s life. It is so rare to find a master, like Gabriella, to truly help in these departments. And like I mentioned at the beginning, I like her style. 

As truly a master, I think Gabriella can adapt her style to connect perfectly with just about anyone, and I am an odd case. I’m sure she can admit that I am not her typical client. I love working with Gabriella and also in a past interaction with her I experienced one of the most amazing, out of this world experiences in my life. That was a sign that told me she is the real deal and I am a tough cookie to be convinced of that, having a scientific background in college.  

I will attest that Gabriella is the real deal, she is super cool, and I feel so blessed to have her in my life and I feel like I owe her so much for all that she does for me and everyone around her. I don’t think words or money would be an equal repayment for what she does, but I know she does it out of passion so I think the real best way to pay her back is simply just to pay it forward and take what she gives to you and give it to others.  

Hopefully this testimonial is one of my ways of paying it forward because if you are even considering the fortunate option of working with Gabriella, you will not regret it. I cannot speak for her, but as a past client of hers I would be willing to say that your satisfaction is pretty much guaranteed. 

Darren I.      

Gabriella is a truly gifted individual with abilities that allow her to assist and support healing in others.  I have been fortunate enough to work with her personally.  The results were incredible, resulting in the release of many negative emotions which had been hiding deep within my body.  With Gabriella‘s patience, skill and guidance we were able to free me of these emotions.  I am forever grateful as I am now liberated.  I feel free, peaceful and light. I highly recommend her services.
Joann M


If you are interested in liberating your negative emotions you can go here to learn more and book your appointment. I even offer a free 15 minute consultation to see if this is the right course for you.

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