Crazy Times

In our world right now, times are truly crazy. With the pandemic still here as well as flu and cold season, no wonder everyone is a bit stir crazy. It is bound to get even more busy crazy with the holidays upon us.

So, I suggest while you are out and about, to truly take a moment for yourself.

Treat yourself to something nice. Do stop and smell the roses.

Try not to get to caught up in someone's mood.

There are a whole lot of people living on this planet and avoiding confrontations, rudeness, and just people who don't think, will help you not to fall into that space. Especially this time of year.

I know it can be hard to do at times, but your body and spirit will thank you for not falling into a negative emotion. So try not to get caught up in it, it belongs to someone else, and you really don't want that emotion.

Look for kindness, and if you can, give some kindness.

A smile can just make somebody's day.

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