Energy Is Everywhere!

Everything is energy. Emotions are energy, and when you feel good it is wonderful.

When you feel bad, it is awful. And the bad energy can stay with you and get lodged in your body.

So what is the solution?

First try to change the negative thought and look at other good possibilities.

You should feel less of the negativity and a bit a better.

Next do something fun, it will help you feel better almost instantly.

As you do, say and think positive things, you will feel better and life becomes brighter.

But if it is a negative emotion that is strong and is still with you, well than you might need a bit more help in releasing that emotion.

Find someone you trust to talk too. Or look for spiritual help, that you feel good about.

Always trust your instincts.

Emotions, an energy that is everywhere, all the time. Let's try to choose the good ones.

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