Sessions are thirty minutes.

I have found that most people are good with thirty minute sessions. Liberating negative emotions is a Process. It is not usually done in one session, but at times that is the case.

Especially when working on a single emotion that you have created such as anxiety.

There are two options in this process.

The first option; is clearing negative emotions that you have toward an individual which would take more than one session. After all, you will be clearing each and every negative emotion you feel towards that particular individual. Or clearing an internal emotion, which can be done in one session.

The second option; is to clear negative emotion from the root, the core from whence it began.

From all levels, and life times.  This would take multiple sessions to release it from your body.

Either option is beneficial, it just depends which one is right for you.


What you can experience is a sense of lightness after a negative emotion is cleared from your body.

Many have felt happier and more serene. There is also an impartial feeling towards the person that you once had negative emotions for.  And your encounter with that person may no longer trigger the negative responsive you had.

Also, you are able to cope better with negative situations that arise in your life.

You may discover that your body feels better and you feel happier.

The feeling of happiness may stay with you for some time. 

The Body and Negative Emotions

Negative emotions are stored in your body, your mind learns to cope with them, and even release those emotions. Sure, you may be  able to make peace with it in your mind and spirit and  feel better. But have you addressed your body? The body feels and holds on to negative emotions.

Most of us take care of our body by eating the right foods and exercising.

But going inward to find the emotions that are stored there is not often thought of.

No longer having those negative emotions stored within your body will be of great benefit to you. 

We would only be releasing bad emotions not the good ones.

To truly care for your body, I feel it is important to liberate those negative emotions so your body can be free of them and function in a healthy way.

Free Consultation

If you are not sure or wondering if this is right for you? I am offering a Free 15 minute consultation appointment to discuss any questions you have regarding this process. Isn't it worth taking some time to see if this would help your body and overall well being? You may schedule your appointment below.


Consultation Free -15 minute

30 minute session  $50

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