Kristin Alexander Review

September 23, 2020

What an awesome experience! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, as I have never received energy healing, but I was very open to try. Personally, I will be scheduling more sessions because my first was so successful!

I felt lighter after the session and especially the next day. It felt like letting go of a heavy burden I was not meant to hold on to. Even though we may let go of old ideas or change things in our life, our body still holds onto the energy for negative emotions created by ourselves or someone else.

When I saw the person I had received the emotion from, I felt like a channel opened up between us.

Thank you Gabriella, I truly hope more people try this kind of experience.


-Kristin Alexander 

Review from Jerry Zimmer

September 5, 2020

Rate: Excellent

 Like best:  I was totally comfortable in my own bedroom. When the session was complete I walked into my shower and washed away the tears. I was not jangled and distracted by transporting myself anywhere and I did not have to interact with other humans until I sat with the experience for a while and settled into the release. Joyful.

How to improve: Don’t have a clue.

Would recommend: Yes

Anything to add: I’ve been receiving energy work from Gabriella for many years, even before I realized it was actually working. I started taking Reiki from her because she was my friend and she believed in it. I thought it couldn’t hurt me and it would help Gabriella. Wow! It did both. I became stronger, more mobile, more active - more alive than I felt in years.

Those Reiki sessions were the beginning of a road to healing that I never expected existed for me.

Gabriella’s pursuit of experiential knowledge in the field of energy healing has never waned. She has honed her skills and developed her own unique approach to helping others called Emotional Liberation. It’s difficult to express the profound release of a suppressed emotion (I identified it as anger when it was not anger at all) I experienced during my first Emotional Liberation session. Gabriella is gentle and supportive. She listens to me and responds to my feelings and opinions. She partners with me as she guides me through difficult blocks, and contacts me several days after a session just to see how I am doing. I highly recommend this technique. I found it quite effective.

It’s been almost two weeks since that first session and the change that took place is still there - wow! Even my husband says there is a positive change in me! Ha! That gives me a grin.

If you work at it, it works for you. If you are ready for releasing emotions that drag you down and make your life less than it can be try this. It sure helped me. Let me share one last thing. I really did not want to do the session. I almost cancelled; I almost panicked (a panic attack loomed). I did it anyway, in spite of the fear. So glad I did.

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